Doing Business With Casa d'Asta™


Your Luxury Home For Auction
The first innovative methodology in Italy for selling and buying Luxury Real Estate by the sealed bid in a sealed envelope at the Notary Office. The auction sale process, used for over 100 years in the Anglo-Saxon countries is finally at your disposal. The procedure is fast at the opening of the envelopes, which takes place in the Notary Office, and is renewed every 4 weeks . In case of more offers it takes the bid.


Your Residence For Rent
Wealthy clients renting luxury homes for vacation is booming. The need of looking for these locations are differents, from spending a period of relaxation and vacation, or to organize private events or representative locations for business. The Short Term Rent business allow owners to get a guaranteed income and it may become a great deal for investors when home is for sale also. Wealthy customers opting for luxury rent homes is booming.


Your house for TV Spot Rent
Do You have an amazing location? then do not hesitate to contact us! We have partnership in the Movie-TV Productions branch, Advertising and Photo, who are constantly looking for special locations to perform B-Cinematographic, Commercials, TV broadcast and Photographic Services. Find out now if your house can be the ideal location! This will increase the prestige together with a guaranteed business.